carefully placing the 20 foot food container

Exhibition Container Delivery for Street Food Live

Late November sees Street Food Live taking place at the Excel and BBEL were on hand to help Rexmartins Ltd take their innovative displays centre stage.

We brought a 20 footer food unit weighing six tonnes and another smaller unit from Turkey to the UK especially for this event.

As you can imagine, the process required some highly specialised equipment. In the images below you can see the careful transfer of the unit using a HIAB (Hydrauliska Industri AB) loader and a 50-tonne crane.

Unloading-The 20-foot-container

We receive the six tonne food container in the UK


We carefully unload the 20 foot container with a HIAB.

Ready for hoisting the 20 foot food container

The 6 tonne load is prepared for loading onto our delivery truck.

reloading the 20 foot food container

Guiding the 20 foot container into position

carefully placing the 20 foot food container

The food container is placed safely onto the truck.

Final checks for the six tonne food container

The HIAB crane is detached and safety checks begin.

Reloading the 6 tonne food container for transport

The container at the Excel ready for reloading.

6 tonne foodcontainer safely in position

We prepare the unit for its return journey after a successful Expo.

The second unit we delivered was a smaller (2 tonne) characterful unit called the Yellow Submarine. This required less specialised equipment but the same level of care and attention to detail.

Preparing the Yellow Submarine for launch

Preparing the Yellow Submarine for transport to the Excel.

Ready to unload the Yellow Submarine food container

We arrive at the Excel with our unusual consignment.

Unloading Yellow Submarine two tonne food container

Launching the Yellow Submarine ready for Street Food Live.

We were delighted to be able to help Rexmartins Ltd make a splash at Street Food Live and look forward to working with them both in future.

About Street Food Live

Street Food Live is the only B2B event for professionals in street food catering. It’s free to attend and promises to showcase new products, systems and services to help visitors grow their business. With more than 80 seminars delivered by celebrated catering experts, the event organisers are confident it will help those attending take the marketplace by storm.

Find details about the Street Food Live Expo here. 

From six tonne containers to your small but precious display stand, we have access to the specialist equipment to transport your consignment safely.

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