Project Management for Events Logistics

Project management for events logistics and shipping

Events managers have more important things to do than get involved in the administrative paperwork and logistics of organising deliveries. Which is where our project management for events logistics service comes in.

Because although the logistics work involved in getting materials to an event may not be seen as strategic, it is always critical.

Just imagine arriving at the venue only to find your stand is being held in customs.

That can easily happen if your paperwork hasn’t been correctly completed.

We take control of the project management and admin so you can focus on the success of the event

Our event project managers have the experience and skills to take on the events logistics process for you.

Click this contact button to ask about project managementFrom getting hold of shipping paperwork and completing it for you, through to managing the suppliers who are working on your stand or display, we can help.

We can take on:

  • Paperwork administration – including import and export documentation
  • Event logistics
  • Supplier management and coordination
  • Liaison with the event organisers
  • Invoice consolidation
  • Loading and unloading
  • Stand build management
  • Tracking and monitoring
  • Arranging bespoke stand design, supply and build.

We can integrate all these services with our specialist delivery service. So your display and materials are set up exactly as you’d expect when you arrive.

Get in touch now to discover how we can take the admin side of event project management off your hands.

Leaving you to focus on value-added activity.

Supplier sourcing and management

After more than 20 years in event logistics there’s very little we haven’t been asked to do to help our clients make a greater impact.

And we’ve built quite a network of specialised suppliers and contractors.

So if you’re looking for an unusual promotional item or an innovative interactive display unit we’ll be happy to make recommendations whenever we can.




Image (c) Shutterstock | Kemal Taner