Sending Quilts from Overseas (except USA)

The Festival of Quilts Exhibition

When sending an entry to the Festival, you should choose a reputable courier company who offers a track and trace facility. This enables both yourself and Bill Bowden Event Logistics to trace your quilt.

When you have your labels, you should send the quilt toFestival of Quilts

Upper Street Events

Bill Bowden Event Logistics Ltd
Faraday Road
West Sussex
RH10 9TX

Tel +44 203 475 2700 / Contact: Debbie Wickson / Bill Bowden


We appreciate the effort that has gone into your quilt but need to advise you that UK Customs may choose to apply UK Import Duty & VAT (Value added Tax) when the entry is imported.

Please note that the higher the value of the quilt, the higher the Duty & VAT.

When arranging your courier, there will be a box on the couriers’ documentation regarding import duties. You should check the box that reads ‘Bill Import Duties to Sender’ as Bill Bowden Event Logistics will not accept these on your behalf and we will have to refuse receipt of your entry.

If you are in the European Union, Import Duty & VAT is not applicable.


VERY IMPORTANT Please do not dispatch your quilt unless it is labelled using the entry labels provided.  You should contact the organiser if you have not received these.

Receiving Dates 

We start receiving from Monday 17th July.  Please do not send your quilt before this date.


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