Top Tip: Arranging Shipping to an Event

Here are 12 things you need to know when arranging your shipment to an event.

  1. Event Name – We need to know what event you are attending
  2. Destination  We need to know where in the world the event is
  3. Venue  We need this information so we can establish any local requirements or we need to contact them to make delivery arrangements
  4. Date of the Event  We need to know when to get the goods to the venue
  5. Pick up address  This helps us establish accurate pricing and timings
  6. When the goods will be ready  We can get your goods to the event in the most cost effective way, if we know when the goods will be ready
  7. Number of pieces  We can establish if you need a full lorry or a pallet space
  8. Dimensions of the items  We can establish how much space you need and get the goods delivered in the most cost effective way
  9. Stand build  We can build your stands, ready for when you arrive on site, so we need to factor in the time and cost for this
  10. Round trip  We need to know if the goods are to be returned or shipped to another event. there might be Customs procedures involved so we need to know before the goods are shipped
  11. Insurance  Do you need extra insurance? We can provide this, again, we’d need to know before the items are collected
  12. Special Requirements  Do you need a crane? do the goods need to be returned to you quicker then normal for another event? The sooner we know any special requirements, the easier it is to accommodate them.

When you are ready with all this information and want a quote, please complete our online quote form here.