Global Event Logistics – 11 Handy Hints

You have booked your space at the event and now need to think about everything else. Here is a handy list of 11 things that are easy to forget, but need to be arrangedĀ for Global Event Logistics.

  1. Plan Ahead. Have you made travel arrangeGlobal Event Logisticsments? Booked your hotel? Arranged your logistics?
  2. Do you know the venue? Can you arrange on-site logistics yourself or would you like your logistics provider to do this?
  3. Is everything packed and suitable for transport? Does it need to be wrapped, palletised or crated?
  4. Do you have the correct insurance? Can your logistics company provide this?
  5. Have you arranged return transport? Some countries will need to know this before you ship into their country.
  6. Do you have a budget? This will determine the mode of transport used, which can then effect transit times.
  7. Do you know the transit times? Have you taken into account that customs in some countries need 10 days to clear shipments? some times shipments can take three weeks to arrive? Do you have enough time?
  8. Do Customs have everything they need? Do you have the correct commercial invoices? Power of attorney?
  9. Do you have give-aways? These need to be correctly declared on all documentation. some countries won’t allow them through Customs if they’re not described correctly and with the right HS code.
  10. Does the destination have any local holidays that can cause delays? This can affect the transit time to the event.
  11. Do you have weights and dimensions of your freight? If you are employing a company to handle your logistics, they will need to know this information. They will also need to know how it’s packed.