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Announcing our new Events Advisory Service

After working in imports and exports for more than 35 years (where did the time go?) and specialising in international events and event logistics for two-thirds of that time, I’ve come across most of the challenges an events professional might encounter.

So I’ve decided to put this experience to good use by launching an advisory service to help our clients get the most from their events.

When people talk about events, the word can cover a whole range of activities, from a small business networking meeting or a round table discussion, through massive trade shows like BAUMA and the pharmaceutical shows, to major international spectaculars such as the Olympics and the World Cup.

And they all come with their own unique challenges.

I’ve had experience of all these events and many more. (I’ll briefly mention the Tutankhamen touring exhibition and the Knitting and Stitching Craft Shows we’ve had the pleasure of supporting for many years).

There are few challenges I haven’t encountered in that time, and I’ve used some of that experience to write blogs and my small book, Bill’s Book of Events.

But I’ve always felt I could do more.

Which is why I am launching the Bill Bowden Event Advisory Service.

I’ve added my name to the service because anyone who uses the service gets my time.

I won’t be outsourcing this to anyone else for the foreseeable future.

Which means there will be some restriction on the number of clients I can support.

But I’d rather that, than offer a sub-standard service.

How does the Events Advisory Service work?

I’ll become your event consultant, working with your managers and events team to help you make the most of the events in which you invest. The precise content of the service is likely  to change according to each customer’s needs, but might include:

  • A review meeting with the events team and others to produce an action plan.
  • A training plan for your in-house team – and training delivery if required.
  • Event Project Management – the whole project or particularly difficult sections.
  • Risk Assessments – and how to address them.
  • Budget calculations.
  • Supplier management and negotiation.
  • Follow Up reviews.
  • Stand designs and staffing.
  • Troubleshooting.

I want to make the service accessible for events professionals and novices, so keeping it simple will be one of my key principals. To be fair, managing events is not that complicated – though they can be overwhelming – but there is a science to it. I aim to explain that without the smoke and mirrors.

What do you think?

I’d be very interested in your feedback on this new service. Might it be of help to you or your team? Is there anything else I should be providing? Let me know.

Best wishes


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Image (c)  qimono | Pixabay