Bobsleigh competitors in the Winter Games

Winter’s second-biggest logistical challenge

As the big man in red was preparing for what must be the world’s greatest logistical challenge, the team here at Bill Bowden Event Logistics have been working on our biggest consignment of the year.

It might not be quite as challenging as delivering gifts to nearly two billion children all over the world in less than 24 hours, but taking several tons of expensive and fragile equipment more than 5,000 miles will certainly keep us busy.

Restrictions on the use of various brand names mean we cannot be specific about the event or our client. So we’ll simply say that we were in the process of transporting media and studio equipment to South Korea in time for the 2018 Winter Games, for a major British broadcaster.

We’ve been entrusted with similar consignments for two Summer Games and two Winter Games so far, and while we ensure the process is slick and carefully project managed we never take anything for granted.

Destination Pyeongchang

The highly technical nature of the specialist media equipment needs careful packing and handling to ensure it arrives safely in Pyeongchang. The entire consignment is carefully checked and monitored throughout its journey and meticulously unloaded at the IBC International Broadcasting Centre ready for the broadcaster’s technicians and specialist partners to prepare for the first programme. By the time the production and presentation staff arrive it’s ready to use.

We treat all our clients’ materials with care and attention because our reputation is only as good as our last job and we know everyone’s job is critical to them. We never lose sight of the fact that when you entrust us with your precious delivery, you put your reputation in our hands.

So, whether you’re a broadcasting giant or a new startup still building your brand, we’ll treat your materials and equipment with respect and care.

Wishing you all the best for 2018.