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What is Exhibition Freight Forwarding?

There seem to be more phrases to describe what we do than there are companies who do it! exhibition freightingEvent logistics, exhibition transport… The list goes on.

Often they are just different ways of describing the same thing: the handling, delivery and storage of displays and collateral for events. These materials are collectively known as event or exhibition freight.

You may also have come across the term exhibition freight forwarding.

This normally describes the process of providing an intermediary service between the client and any number of separate transport providers involved in moving the shipment. Generally, you’ll only hear about freight forwarding when you’re looking at international events logistics.

The great appeal of freight forwarding is the fact it simplifies what otherwise could become a complex and time-consuming process. An exhibition freight forwarding provider will take care of:

  • Project planning the journey to ensure your freight arrives undamaged and on time
  • Liaison with the individual transportation
  • Import and export issues – including any documentation such as Bill of Lading, Air Waybills (AWBs) and Packing Lists
  • Insurance
  • Advice or practical support on packing and labelling

Often exhibition freight forwarders will provide elements of the service themselves (pick up, road transport, on-site transport and assembly) and work with other organisations when specialist transport (eg by air or sea) is needed for long distance or overseas events.

Why use a specialist exhibition freight forwarding company?

There are many freight forwarding companies out there who are experienced in delivering materials overseas.

So why not use one of them?

The fact is, freight forwarding for events is a specialist business. Companies like Bill Bowden Event Logistics only deal in this kind of delivery and are able to bring your freight directly to your stand, and even assemble it for you.

Normal transportation companies will only get your freight to the door or venue. Then what happens? You may well be left with the problem of getting heavy or fragile equipment from the delivery bay to your stand space.

If you need help with Exhibition Freight Forwarding or international event logistics, please get in touch.

keppel docks use for exhibition freight forwarding